Kaon Softwares
Supports Tangible & Non-tangible Products
Kaon Shopping Cart supports all types of products. It does not only support tangible (shipped) products but it also supports non tangible (downloadable) products. This gives you enough power to market and sell broader range of products to your clients and thus increasing your revenues.
Mobile Phone Pin & Calling Card Products

We pioneered in the mobile phone recharge cards, mobile phone scratch cards and calling cards selling shopping cart online. Kaon cart supported special features to manage the sale of such products. The system can import a feed of pin codes or scratch cards and upon successful order will automatically delivery one of the cards/pin.

Unlimited Data Entities
You can add unlimited categories, products, merchants and prices into the system. The only threshold is your server performance and mysql database performance. The better your server configuration and performance is, the more data entities you can have in the system. There is no restriction from the script whatsoever!
Administration in your Language
We offer administrator panel the language of your choice. This makes it easy for the administrators to understand and interact with the system. We have language translations available for the most common languages apart from English, like, Russian, French, German, Japenese, etc.
Money Back Guarantee
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