How can admin show default ads on the website?

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How can admin show default ads on the website?

Post by mamda » 06 Aug 2018, 14:59

When your website is new, it might not have ads to display and ad spaces will be showing empty. You may want to fill in the empty ads with some default ads.

This is where the webmaster advertiser comes in handy!

The process is very simple, just register as an advertiser and go to admin and make it active. Now note its ID and then open the file /include/constants.php in your favorite text editor. Now set that id in the constant WEBMASTER_ADVERTISERID like below (assuming that the ID is 1002):





Now after this change, the newly registered advertiser becomes a "Webmaster Advertiser". And any ads that you buy using this advertiser will be shown on the publisher websites if there is no other ad to show.

That is all!

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