How does RON Ads work?

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How does RON Ads work?

Post by mamda » 06 Aug 2018, 14:04

RON Ads are basically advertiser ad campaigns that run on publisher websites by matching some attributes.

Publishers can allow RON ads on their ad zones using the ad zone edit pages. When publishers Allow RON ads, they have to provide the Min Allowed CPC and Min Allowed CPM for their RON ads. Also the keywords that they provide will be used to match with the keywords that advertisers provide during a RON Campaign registration.

Now on the advertiser end, they can create RON ad campaigns by using the Buy Ads (RON) link on top right of the public pages. Here, the advertiser will provide campaign name, type (cpc / cpm), ad type (text / banner / popup), categories, languages and keywords. These attributes will be used to match the available RON publisher websites and a summary will be shown on the top of the form so that advertiser can see that how many websites are available to show his campaign.
The Advertiser will then provide their budget details for the ad and this will also shortlist the publisher RON websites accordingly.

Once advertiser created the ad campaign and made the payment, the ad will start to show up after the approval processes are completed.

That is all about how the RON ads work!

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