Manual for using the script

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Manual for using the script

Post by 3045 » 10 Jun 2018, 20:33

Hi everybody,

I noticed when searching on the web the the price comparison script has a document that explains how to use it, I mean after installing it.

Is there anything similar for the ad network script, as it is not so easy.

For example, what does categories mean? What zones mean? Is it similar to categories... And a lot of other things...

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Manual for using the script

Post by mamda » 14 Jun 2018, 10:07


At the moment there is no similar document for ad network script.

As for your questions regarding categories and zones:

Categories are specified to target ads into correct websites. Website owners select categories for their Zones and ad buyers specify categories for their ads, thus the script match relevant ads.

Zones are places on a publisher's website where ads appear. There could be a Zone like "homepage top banner" or "product page side banner". Publishers create these zones on their website to allow advertisers to buy ads on specific locations of their website.

Hope this helps

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