Decrease the size of the Loading image

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Decrease the size of the Loading image

Post by 3027 » 16 Mar 2019, 22:58

Dear Sir,

How to decrease the size of the Loading image on the categories showing on the home page V10, Default theme.

The loading image size is very big.

Attached a screenshot of the issue.

Thanks and Regards,
Loading Image Size.png
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Re: Decrease the size of the Loading image

Post by mamda » 17 Mar 2019, 06:08


The loading image actually takes up the full space of the actual image that is loaded later.

If you want to show a smaller loading image only, then perhaps you can change the loading image itself and use an image that has margins on its all sides with a small loader in the center. For e.g. a 200x200 image with the actual loader only showing in 64x64 in the middle of the image. You can upload such an image at /your-script-root/images/loading3.gif

If you want to change the dimensions of the loaded category image as well, you can edit the css style of the theme and update the class A.dex-cat-box:link img, A.dex-cat-box:visited img to do so.

Hope this helps.

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