Ad Network Script FAQs

  • 01. General Questions

    • What are the requirements for the script?

      A server supporting

      • PHP 5.3 or higher
      • MySQL
      • GD or ImageMagick (for thumbnail generation)
      • CURL (Optional Requirement - BUT HIGHLY recommended).
      • Mod Rewrite of Apache (Optional Requirement).
        It is used for generating search enginge friendly urls.
      • Zlib compression.
      • Ioncube loader.
        The public pages, templates and common includes are open source but admin panel is encrypted. It is to prevent illegal distribution of our software. You can still modify and add your own stuff.

      Some important php settings:
      » short_open_tag = On
      » safe_mode = Off (Optional - BUT recommended).
      » display_errors = On (Optional - BUT recommended - Good for new installation, can be changed later).
      » allow_url_include = Off
      » allow_url_fopen = On (Required if CURL is not installed)

    • What do I get with the script?

      You will receive
      - Script
      - Free installation on your server
      - 1 year of support and bug fixes (if found any)
      - 1 year of free upgrades
    • Do you help in the installation and setup?

      Yes we offer one time free installation on your server. Plus we do help our clients in the installation issues.
    • How do I receive the software?

      You will receive a download link in the email when your payment is verified by our authorized retailer payment processor
      The filesize is approximately 5MB
    • How can I evaluate the product?

      You will have access to the fully functional live demo on our servers.
      You can access the admin section, publisher section, advertiser section and public section.
      You can test the product for as long as you like with no limitations.Please feel free to contact if you face any problems or have any queries.

  • 02. Billing Questions

    • What are the accepted payment methods?

      Payments can be made by :
      - Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners)
      - Digital Check (US Bank Account Required)
      - Western Union
      - Bank Wire Transfer
  • 03. Admin's Area

    • Is there a manual to assist in using Admin Section?

      Please go to following link for manual.
    • Your script supports search engine friendly urls. How can I enable them?

      Yes script supports SEO urls. They can be enabled in the constants.php file.