Change Log version 10.0

Price Comparison Script Change Log

Version 10.0 (R#78)

version 10.0 was released on 3rd February 2018. Following are theĀ features / bugs / fixes done in this version.


0000281 Admin Panel FIXED Pre-saved format columns not loading correctly
0000280 Frontend FIXED Issues with RSS feed of category listing
0000279 Admin Panel FIXED Move product by bulk function does not move product image
0000278 Frontend FIXED Error KaonErrHandler due to php 7.1 upgrade
0000277 Admin Panel FIXED WARNING: A non-numeric value encountered in include_site_user_product.php
——- Frontend Fixed compare two or more products checkbox ajax call.
——- Admin Fixed usage of MAX_PRELOAD_CATEGORIES_IN_ARRAY and HIDE_CATS_IF_PRODS_0 together.
——- Admin Language install optimized.
——- Frontend Added blades template engine and views support.
——- Frontend Added advanced seo urls handling.
——- Frontend Fixes in design for hover effects.
——- Frontend Load more information about categories in frontend for better display.
——- Frontend Alternate query for prepared statements fixed for null and numeric values.
——- Frontend Apply filters handling only for mysql as other api filters could be non-integer.
——- Frontend Updated modern2 design.
——- Frontend Fixes for wider screens.
——- Frontend Fixes in fonts on products page.
——- Frontend Several fixes for php v7+ upgrade.
——- Frontend Fixes in logo with retina display.
——- Admin Fix error by loading category mappings in ml if search by price is opted.
——- Frontend New design added.


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