Change Log version 10.1.1

Price Comparison Script Change Log

Version 10.1.1

version 10.1.1 was released on 8th October 2018. Following are theĀ features / bugs / fixes done in this version.


PCS-384 Performance Create common thumbs during image download in toolkit job
PCS-385 Performance Changed seo urls to have a trailing slash
PCS-389 Fix Applied base64encode for language defines edting in ajax
PCS-384 Performance Changes in pre-download product images and thumbs
PCS-386 Performance Downgraded image file size to avoid loading issues.
PCS-385 Performance Added missing seo urls
PCS-390 Fix Fixed search not working due to missing define issue
PCS-382 Fix Fixed category details not showing on products listing page if in html form
PCS-385 Feature Add seo url for category_taxonomy
PCS-385 Feature Added seo url for redirect and compare_products
PCS-399 Feature Added wordpress plugin for the pcs script
PCS-400 Fix Updated the bidding.sql alters to have default value for MAX_BID so that error does not occur on strict mysql servers
PCS-379 Performance Move FB comments box from product page to product’s discussion page and show it on if a flag is set
PCS-396 Fix Theme 2018-1 top banner fix
PCS-395 Performance Match address bar brand color with the use of meta tag
PCS-404 Feature Update the WordPress plugin to show category widget and listing by category
PCS-401 Fix Added Master reset table in create
PCS-397 Fix Updated redirect for demo
PCS-410 Fix Fixed image url in data-api and also fixed default sorting
PCS-407 Fix Fixed product info page (image, prices grid) and worked on seo urls
PCS-407 Performance Applied seo url to the product pages
PCS-412 Fix Fixed bug on enabling website shutdown
PCS-413 Fix Fixed notice for HTTP_HOST missing in ssh mode
PCS-406 Performance Applied seo url on category listing in wordpress plugin
PCS-403 Fix Fixed the Data Api Publishers page in admin
PCS-417 Fix Add a flag to control theme builder display in demo websites
PCS-420 Fix Fixes in download images toolkit job to download continuously and fix the notices
PCS-420 Fix Make browser job auto-refresh in 10 seconds
PCS-423 Fix Fixes in notices to avoid script termination on notice sensitive servers
PCS-421 Fix Fixed recent search terms display in theme 2018-1
PCS-418 Fix Added toolkit job links to admin toolkit index page
PCS-386 Performance Optimised theme/2018-1/images
PCS-428 Performance Save product image dimensions in the product image table from download images toolkit job
PCS-429 Performance Job to delete low dimension product images


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