Change Log version 10.1

Price Comparison Script Change Log

Version 10.1 (R#212)

version 10.1 was released on 30th July 2018. Following are theĀ features / bugs / fixes done in this version.


0000329 Admin Panel cronjob_sitemap should call sitemap-google job instead of die with a message
0000317 Frontend Filter url issue when seo urls are ON
0000313 Frontend Notice on 404 pages
0000309 Admin Panel Admin autofeed wizard does not parse xml file correctly
0000356 Frontend eBay images dont show up if ssl is enabled
0000357 Frontend FAQ javascript links not working
0000345 Admin Panel Affiliate Window API needs upgrade
0000352 Frontend Demo mode theme selector needs fixes
0000354 Frontend Missing variable on popular cashback addon view
0000350 Frontend Need language and constant defines to show smartphone apps in footer
0000346 Frontend Use .example.php for path.php and site_constants.php
0000349 Admin Panel Script update is looking at pc9 releases while version is now v10
0000347 Admin Panel A non-numeric value encountered : include_site_html.php:1281
0000341 Admin Panel Convert .css to .scss with minification handling
0000340 Admin Panel Warning on ftp_connect that should be neglected
0000339 Admin Panel Shopzilla and Connexity are same, we still have separate api sources for them
0000337 Admin Panel Sitemap based on each root category
0000342 Frontend 2nd filter selection by link does not work
0000343 Frontend Filter selection with seo urls has some issues
0000344 Admin Panel constants.php corruption error during installation
0000338 Frontend Font tag related fixes in css files
0000319 Admin Panel Quick view of products on homepage or listing pages
0000320 Admin Panel Product images hover effect with more images
0000335 Frontend Fix required where header_basic and footer_basic used
0000334 Admin Panel SSH version of create, create-language and install-demo-data needs some cosmetic fixes
0000336 Frontend Prevent conversion of Greek to HTML encoded characters
0000330 Admin Panel Let admin edit css and template files
0000333 Admin Panel Fix ssh version of create and also add ssh version of create-languages
0000332 Frontend Images not loading from remote merchant servers
0000321 Admin Panel Newsletter pop on startup (or after some delay) like cookie notice.
0000331 Frontend Store redirect url fails with click recording if its price record is inactive
0000325 Admin Panel Options for admin to edit templates and site look and feel
0000324 Admin Panel Error on autofeed wizard step 4 for xml files with bad xml tags
0000323 Admin Panel Column CLICKTHROUGH_RATE in CATEGORY already exists and attempted to be created again in Bidding addon
0000322 Admin Panel Create a toolkit page to let admin clear cache
0000316 Frontend Product source preferences not loaded
0000314 Frontend Category mid level page does not show product count
0000315 Admin Panel Manage merchant price in admin do not have search by product.
0000311 Frontend Google analytics display does not show correctly.
0000312 Frontend Google reCaptcha error if using ajax with iframe
0000310 Admin Panel Helper job required to let admin handle missing images
0000307 Frontend Merged filters not showing on left filters if the merged-to filter does not exist in the list
0000308 Admin Panel Admin header/footer uses relative paths and urls
0000306 Frontend Products not showing in listing if merged filter values are selected
0000303 Frontend Sphinx conf requires some updates
0000304 Frontend Use of REMOTE_ADDR may not work for some servers
0000205 Admin Panel If xml file is not valid, it shows an error that does not make sense
0000233 Admin Panel Test run data does not work when there is double quote in wrapping csv fields
0000256 Frontend Share links on product listing page not working
0000302 Admin Panel Errors in unserialize() in xml feeds with test-run data
0000296 Admin Panel Autofeed wizard should not show next step until file processed.
0000300 Frontend Design issue in filter when a filter is selected
0000299 Admin Panel Smart filters execution needs optimization
0000298 Admin Panel Add new operator (NOT Contains) in the filters smart handling
0000353 Admin Panel Editing language constants
0000358 Admin Panel Update fails if there is a new directory to be created
PCS-249 Admin Panel Fix user interface of category mappings pages for apis
PCS-345 Admin Panel SSH version for product price crawler
PCS-347 Admin Panel Check all calls of copy() function and replace with our wrapper or make them secure
PCS-348 Admin Panel Query error on admin toolkit merge category page for restricted mysql settings
PCS-350 Admin Panel Admin css not loading in sitemap generation job
PCS-351 Admin Panel Error in cronjob if called from ssh from a non-relative path
PCS-352 Admin Panel Path error calling sitemap-google.php from cronjob_sitemap.php in ssh


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