Change Log version 10.2.0

Price Comparison Script Change Log

Version 10.2.0

version 10.2.0 was released on 17th May 2019. Following are theĀ features / bugs / fixes done in this version.


PCS-378 Performance Check speed test and improve
PCS-380 Fix Ssl certificate location error
PCS-383 Performance Performance – Improve overall PC10 loading speed
PCS-388 Performance Performance – Add all performance features that are added in kaon website
PCS-392 Performance Cache lifetime for static resources
PCS-393 Performance Resources with ? in url
PCS-394 Performance Combine JS on products page
PCS-403 Fix Data api publishers page in admin need fixes
PCS-402 Feature Upgrade WordPress plugin to work with PC10
PCS-405 Feature WordPress Plugin – Add PCS Products Widget
PCS-411 Fix WordPress Plugin – Plugin internal links should be seo friendly
PCS-416 Fix Run spider job til end in ssh mode
PCS-426 Feature Upgrade WordPress plugin to add more features
PCS-427 Performance Performance – Create SEO URLs for product images & thumbnails
PCS-430 Fix Wrong record count if 2 filters are selected
PCS-431 Fix Warning for “Use of undefined constant”
PCS-432 Fix Toolkit – Delete products with no store also delete system product
PCS-433 Feature Toolkit – Show red colour notice at top also
PCS-435 Fix Warning in admin manage js
PCS-437 Fix Disable db specific functions for api products on homepage featured product boxes
PCS-438 Fix Mixed content warning for api images when https is enabled
PCS-439 Fix Warning on kelkoo api product page
PCS-440 Fix Autocomplete keyboard navigation does not work
PCS-442 Fix Error in admin category edit pop
PCS-443 Fix IS_18_PLUS_CAT language seems missing
PCS-448 Fix Shopping Cart Add-on has errors due to latest upgrades
PCS-450 Feature Disable templates and css editing feature in admin for demo
PCS-451 Fix Check and fix default currency not working
PCS-454 Fix Error on category page for affilinet api calls
PCS-455 Fix Connexity api upgrade
PCS-456 Fix Check eBay settings and fix labels
PCS-458 Fix Price History Graph does not seem to work
PCS-459 Fix Use of undefined constant SCRIPT_DEFAILT_LANGUAGE
PCS-460 Fix Autofeed import global variables not initialized
PCS-461 Fix Check option to download when language file selected
PCS-462 Fix Missing defines in admin
PCS-463 Fix Disable Warnings display for clients by default
PCS-464 Feature Products should be allowed in any category by default
PCS-465 Fix Problem uploading coupon images
PCS-466 Performance Kelkoo api image updates in their api
PCS-467 Fix Use SSL Certificate for all curl calls
PCS-468 Feature Export store orders to csv
PCS-469 Fix Fix js error on preview of products
PCS-470 Feature Apply provision for Sentry
PCS-471 Fix Fix partial string showing html
PCS-472 Fix Fix modern design top banner
PCS-473 Fix Show featured coupons heading only if it exists
PCS-474 Fix Fix product of the day section
PCS-476 Fix Error in import for price in eu format
PCS-477 Fix Sentry – Javascript error – popNewsletterAuto is not defined
PCS-478 Fix Sentry – Javascript error – expandAll is not defined
PCS-479 Feature Show installer if script not installed
PCS-480 Fix Fix performance issues on product page as identified by Google Lighthouse
PCS-481 Fix Data too long error in feed import
PCS-486 Fix JS syntax error on homepage preview button
PCS-487 Fix Daily cronjob fails if admin is password protected
PCS-488 Feature Arrange cashback addon deployment files
PCS-490 Fix Issue in category dropdown in admin manage products
PCS-491 Fix Parent category pop in admin categories is too small
PCS-492 Feature Include some add-ons to default package
PCS-501 Fix Price slider bounds not updated when filtered
PCS-502 Fix Fix placement of autocomplete popwin
PCS-503 Feature Update price history graph to not use Flash


[64 features / issues / bugs]