Change Log version 10.3.0

Price Comparison Script Change Log

Version 10.3.0

version 10.3.0 was released on 07th August 2019. Following are theĀ features / bugs / Fixes done in this version.


PCS-504 Fix Fixed by using getInfo function instead of constant
PCS-504 Fix Fixed by using getInfo function instead of constant function
PCS-508 Fix Fixed calendar issue in affiliate cashbacks page
PCS-506 Fix Fixed mixed content url issue in ebay images on products page
PCS-505 Feature Made Amazon prices addon part of basic package
PCS-485 Fix Fixes in create zipcode sql
PCS-483 Feature Added admin menu link with language
PCS-445 Fix Remove cached api files and apply locale to filename where applicable to avoid cached results for different languages
PCS-483 Feature Displayed explanation on top of admin data-api manage page with some cosmetic edits
PCS-510 Performance Admin parameters menu re-arranged
PCS-510 Performance Moved backup database option in security menu in admin
PCS-511 Fix Added missing image in theme 2018-3
PCS-498 Fix Cosmetic Fixes in wordpress shortcode for products listing
PCS-494 Feature Added wordpress shortcode for categories list display.
PCS-513 Performance Wrapped price history graph call with dom ready to avoid js errors, Removed version number from admin panel logo image
PCS-516 Performance Removed obsolete links from admin menus
PCS-515 Fix Fixed deprecation warning in pclzip class due to old style constructor usage
PCS-484 Performance Include Sentry related composer dependencies based on php version to avoid errors
PCS-519 Fix Fixed the order of filter url js functions declaration and calls to Fix a Sentry reported error


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