Change Log version 10.4.1

Price Comparison Script Change Log

Version 10.4.1

version 10.4.1 was released on 8th May 2021. Following are the features / bugs / Fixes done in this version.


3b1f291 PCS-0 Fixed bug where root category was not loaded in array and thus missing in tree 08-May-21
6a4036b Updated master-reset file 28-Apr-21
a849c72 Create add-on fixes 23-Apr-21
4ee49d1 PCS-0 (1) Category import improved (2) Product addition changed based on AUTOINCREMENT 14-Apr-21
1fa4fdb PCS-0 Changed login filename 11-Apr-21
87be65b PCS-0 Added support for custom row handler during datafeed import 27-Mar-21
4511749 PCS-0 (1) Updated update module (2) Update add-ons cashback and shopping-cart 21-Mar-21
0cfd389 PCS-0 (1) Added delete no store products quickly (2) Fixed prepareStatement. It was converting EAN_UPC into numbers 10-Mar-21
d6a85a4 PCS-0 Fix index.php redirect on merchant delete 04-Mar-21
95046cf PCS-0 Fixed search insert in SQL if search term was 060114E500 02-Mar-21
7bbb9f8 PCS-0 Changed products_featured_random.php algorithm 24-Feb-21
ec2f079 PCS-0 Moved help files from help-guides 18-Feb-21
99f9054 Updated PDF file PCS-Product-Matching.pdf 16-Feb-21
ffe32f5 PCS-0 Fixed sphinx UTF8 encoding issue 13-Feb-21
2c96816 PCS-0 Added denounce on the search autocomplete 12-Feb-21
20b19c8 PCS-0 Organised sphinxsearch add-on 10-Feb-21
875076c PCS-0 Added V10 SEO Url format USE_SEO_URLS_FORMAT_V10 08-Feb-21
4946842 PCS-0 Fixed SEO URLs issue for – characters were not replaced 07-Feb-21
cb18af0 PCS-0 1) Changed character replacement for German language 2) Removed text-transform on headings 3) Added language flags 06-Feb-21
36ee34d PCS-0 Fixed 404 URL 06-Feb-21
e1e1604 PCS-0 (1) Updated image download/queued message in product import (2) Updated curl referer (3) Improved debugging in thumbnails (4) Some PHP errors 02-Feb-21
54e8c69 PCS-0 Bugfix on calculating http:// or https:// 29-Jan-21
ac10361 PCS-0 Updated shopping-cart ioncube files 19-Jan-21
d0eb1d7 PCS-0 Added image to the product listing 19-Jan-21
255dde6 Changed date format 02-Dec-20
32b13dc Fixed getBanner in products.blade.php 02-Dec-20
6afcc03 PCS-533 – Changed connexity_testSettings to use version 3 of api – Year 2020 27-Nov-20
b228d74 Added info in autofeed log file 09-Nov-20
0cb8318 FIXED affiliate login page 16-Oct-20
3b76a53 FIXED products_shipping.blade.php page 15-Oct-20
b4e3e74 FIXED coupon GO TO STORE link on the homepage 30-Sep-20
4edee21 FIXED contact-us link in the FAQ page 27-Sep-20
9ffca91 Modified version file 16-Sep-20
6c9f6a8 Fixed class constructor. Changed to __construct() 08-Sep-20
bdd172b HTTP/HTTPS decision changed _rewrite.php for ticket number 981 11-Jun-20
2b1ad13 Updated Bidding addon ioncube file Updated, Cashback addon ioncube, file Disabled amazon plugin. Added text to bidding page 25-May-20
4f05eec Merged in staging (pull request #174) Updated Bidding addon ioncube file 23-May-20
85c3d08 ADDED support for ip restriction 02-May-20
8e45ecb Changed _rewrite.php for ticket number 981 01-May-20
95a1fae PCS-531 Changed $info in blade templates 29-Apr-20


[41 features / issues / bugs]