Change Log version 9.10

Price Comparison Script Change Log

Version 9.10 (R#217)

version 9.10 was released on 31st January 2017. Following are theĀ features / bugs / fixes done in this version.


0000116 Admin Panel Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in admin autofeed wizard for xmls closed.
0000128 Admin Panel Upgrade product bidding to support version 9 closed.
0000123 Admin Panel The column mapping is wrong closed.
0000129 Admin Panel There are duplicate addon folder for autocomplete closed.
0000125 Admin Panel JS Error in admin due to language messages not escaped in JS closed.
0000122 Admin Panel Category image create from product fails if product image was manually uploaded closed.
0000121 Admin Panel getimagesize() called on image that does not exist closed.
0000119 Admin Panel Cronjob daily deletes history for last 45 days the wrong way closed.
0000115 Admin Panel Admin gives query error on manage products page closed.
0000114 Admin Panel Affiliate area manage gives error due to missing include_RSA closed.
0000113 Admin Panel Cannot call static images server to delete a product image closed.
0000112 Admin Panel Cannot delete product image if its missing physically closed.
0000110 Admin Panel Cannot create a new admin user closed.
0000109 Admin Panel Error in admin manage_show: getimagesize(): Filename cannot be empty closed.
0000095 Admin Panel File not exist warning when fopen is called closed.
0000098 Admin Panel TEST Run giving error if file is not downloaded closed.
0000097 Admin Panel Autofeed wizard does not work due to test run data not being saved in db closed.
0000094 Admin Panel Product Add shows a “0” in Manufacturer field closed.
0000091 Admin Panel Toolkit delete 0 store price give error when deleting file that do not exist closed.
0000073 Admin Panel Reports page showing wrong date format closed.
0000085 Admin Panel Add data-api publishers db table and its manage in admin closed.
0000014 Admin Panel Price profiling query is not optimized closed.
0000086 Admin Panel JS error on admin pages where search field is not present closed.
0000081 Admin Panel getimagesize(): Filename cannot be empty closed.
0000059 Admin Panel Warn or restrict admin from deleting system records closed.
0000054 Admin Panel Duplicate products if matching by price record title is enabled closed.
0000036 Admin Panel Show IP Address in readable format closed.
0000035 Admin Panel Admin toolkit does not have iframe for ajax call if AJAX_USES_IFRAME is set closed.
0000034 Admin Panel Missing language in admin area view package payment closed.
0000033 Admin Panel Duplicate product image URLs are added with each import closed.
0000011 Admin Panel Product sources page validation for EMPTY settings and WORKING settings closed.
0000010 Admin Panel When go to admin index.php should take automatic to welcome page if logged in closed.
0000004 Admin Panel Saved feed parameter values cannot be displayed in admin if TEST RUN files are deleted closed.
0000047 Admin Panel Unwanted file in admin folder closed.
0000005 Admin Panel Product record added information reference should have also log file name closed.
0000025 Admin Panel Feed import fix if feed name has 2 consecutive single quotes closed.
0000009 Admin Panel Seo urls do not have extended character maps used closed.
0000002 Admin Panel Job Exec. Frequency stops running the job in browser closed.
0000019 Admin Panel Admin panel becomes unusable if category count is 26000 closed.
0000130 Frontend $BID_INCREMENT and $BID_MIN_PAYMENT should be defines in constants.php closed.
0000118 Frontend Price history graph should show data from all history, not just last 10 days closed.
0000120 Frontend Member registration does not finish due to license code closed.
0000117 Frontend Call to undefined function passwordverify() in affiliate area login closed.
0000111 Frontend Category urls give 404 or sql query errors closed.
0000105 Frontend Search by brand does not show the brand keyword in breadcrumb and in heading closed.
0000102 Frontend Price trend graph shows only first 5 price changes closed.
0000101 Frontend Store seo url gets empty if store name is all cyrillic closed.
0000103 Frontend Currency change script shows warning if passed url is not valid closed.
0000051 Frontend We need to remove fopen where ever it is used for http closed.
0000076 Frontend Fix to avoid having sql query printed if sort key is bad closed.
0000089 Frontend Error in sphinxQl when clipping out 0 store products from search autocomplete closed.
0000084 Frontend Clear links bugs on merchant products public page closed.
0000079 Frontend “Filter Results” button should be removed from the more filters pop win closed.
0000083 Frontend Merchant ALL PRODUCTS page’s breadcrumb is incomplete closed.
0000012 Frontend Product of the day shows empty or 105 slots in api mode closed.
0000056 Frontend Why FEATURED BRAND is showing when there are none closed.
0000052 Frontend Bug reported on demo/pc9 closed.
0000049 Frontend Error handler shows the actual error in php style even though it is reported using the handler closed.
0000048 Frontend Error on product page from eBay call “Missing argument 2 for ebayGetSearch()” closed.
0000042 Frontend Remove stripslashes() from handleSingleQuote() closed.
0000031 Frontend Images missing in themes (umair.javed) closed.
0000003 Frontend Product images must be center aligned in both X & Y axis closed.
0000053 Frontend Theme builder loading done without file exist check closed.
0000024 Frontend Amazon logo on price grid if merchant logo does not come from amazon api closed.
0000030 Frontend We need to have clear button for all filters closed.
0000028 Frontend Apply limit on facets of sphinx to allow it to load more filters closed.
0000027 Frontend Category page limit for categories to display closed.
0000127 Merchant Panel copy(): Filename cannot be empty closed.
0000126 Merchant Panel Shows blank page if hit upload logo without selecting image in merchant registration closed.
0000099 Merchant Panel Registration complete message does not appear on register continue page closed.
0000043 Merchant Panel Wrong products count on merchant dashboard due to system products closed.
0000104 NEW Feature Request Need to support multiple css calls for difference screens closed.
0000100 NEW Feature Request Add image functionality to our html editor closed.
0000074 NEW Feature Request Cronjob readme instructions need update closed.
0000093 NEW Feature Request Product detail breaks page design if html is not complete closed.
0000057 NEW Feature Request 18+ (adult) categories and pop win warning before entring them closed.
0000063 NEW Feature Request Row count when recent feed is used in autofeed import closed.
0000026 NEW Feature Request Save feed product title in merchant price record and match from there closed.
0000061 NEW Feature Request Category autocomplete in category mapping should be made easier to search for a category closed.
0000040 NEW Feature Request Merge brands job to be created closed.
0000032 NEW Feature Request Support for customized templates of all pages closed.
0000015 NEW Feature Request Admin manage products to have filters closed.
0000013 NEW Feature Request English language translations having other language instead of a separate other language closed.
0000050 NEW Feature Request Merchant signup does not preload country info closed.
0000018 NEW Feature Request Language support in template images closed.
0000017 NEW Feature Request Product filters to be able to work on click and not form submit (umair.javed) closed.
0000007 NEW Feature Request Only one H1 tag has to be there per page closed.
0000020 NEW Feature Request Add font-awesome in our pc9 closed.


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