Change Log version 9.11

Price Comparison Script Change Log

Version 9.11 (R#245)

version 9.11 was released on 17th March 2017. Following are theĀ features / bugs / fixes done in this version.


0000158 Admin Panel Update merchant does not save ex fields
0000153 Admin Panel Auto-update custom edited files log
0000139 Admin Panel Matching by words in product import includes punctuation symbols
0000146 Admin Panel In IceCAT import, parent id evaluation should be done using a query instead of loop
0000143 Admin Panel Test run shows empty data due to htmlspecialchars()
0000136 Admin Panel Icecat categories import issues
0000133 Admin Panel Update is required in Amazon Product Source for Browse Nodes selection
0000148 Admin Panel Semantic errors in include_site.php
0000138 Admin Panel Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; open_flash_chart has a deprecated
0000125 Admin Panel JS Error in admin due to language messages not escaped in JS
0000107 Admin Panel Manage loses parent object track when Save or Delete is done
0000150 Admin Panel Call to undefined function ioncube_file_info() on admin welcome page
0000154 Frontend Show suggestions for search if no records found
0000162 Frontend Category listing shows duplicate products if prices table is joined
0000157 Frontend eBay preferences cannot save Site / Locale
0000156 Frontend Related categories more button not work
0000155 Frontend Images title/alt have filename instead of name
0000152 Frontend Related categories showing such categories that have no products
0000140 Frontend Call custom.css and custom.js so that our stock css and js files are not edited
0000144 Frontend Remove wait from redirect
0000141 Frontend Images not loading after auto-complete due to unveil
0000135 Frontend Show products on api from db needs fix in matching by title
0000134 Frontend Products from Amazon Product Sources show an extra price row
0000090 Frontend Slider limits change after user changes min/max price
0000092 Frontend $cat variable is used in header and templates while same variable is used in products_top.php
0000159 NEW Feature Request AJAX/Javascript Paging support in the product price crawler
0000145 NEW Feature Request Skip redirect screen when going to merchant site
0000132 NEW Feature Request Automatic Updates Delivery System
0000087 NEW Feature Request Option to discarded image of merged products
0000142 NEW Feature Request Merge filters for display
0000058 NEW Feature Request We need to use google charts for all graphs


[31 features / issues / bugs]