Change Log version 9.12

Price Comparison Script Change Log

Version 9.12 (R#276)

version 9.12 was released on 13th April 2017. Following are theĀ features / bugs / fixes done in this version.


0000187 Admin Panel IceCAT remote file unlink error
0000189 Admin Panel Auto update fails if language id = 1000 is deleted
0000178 Admin Panel Some tweaks in product-price-crawler
0000164 Admin Panel Auto update script should be called with php version of script
0000183 Admin Panel Csv analysis function does not load correct csv from test data
0000175 Admin Panel Where is include_db_sig.php called / used ?
0000181 Frontend Error in android app backend for visitor change profile
0000180 Frontend Error in android app login backend
0000177 Frontend Basic style_rtl.css is missing from default templates
0000176 Admin Panel Crawler does not create .txt file for the tab delimitted file
0000172 Admin Panel Addons / Plugins page in admin
0000174 Admin Panel Call to undefined function mysql_connect() during script install
0000160 Frontend Google Captcha
0000171 Admin Panel The getting started wizard in admin highlights wrong button
0000151 Admin Panel Admin welcome.php page has unreachable old code
0000149 Admin Panel Autofeed setup must warn if necessary columns are not selected
0000075 NEW Feature Request Show detailed error in autofeed log (html source)
0000044 Frontend Need to improve the error display
0000166 Admin Panel Need to add a notice in auto-update for users to tell them to make backup before update
0000163 Admin Panel Auto-Update should have a switch off option
0000168 Frontend Sorting in price grid should be by total price, and not price


[21 features / issues / bugs]