Change Log version 9.13

Price Comparison Script Change Log

Version 9.13 (R#368)

version 9.13 was released on 2nd August 2017. Following are theĀ features / bugs / fixes done in this version.


0000248 Admin Panel Error in affilinet categories mapping
0000232 Frontend Sphinx category listing fails if category id is single digit
0000204 Admin Panel New and improved preferences page in admin
0000252 Frontend Invalid image dimensions error in thumb generation
0000251 Admin Panel Install script gives error due to use of non-constant default value of datetime for older php versions.
0000250 Admin Panel Install script gives error due to loading preference in include.php
0000231 Admin Panel Category mapping shows bad display if category column was wrongly mapped
0000221 Frontend Modern theme not showing banner images in rtl
0000165 NEW Feature Show merchant information on price grid
0000229 Admin Panel Disk cleanup job is deleting feed files from merchant folder.
0000228 Admin Panel Admin merchant rating update bugs
0000222 Merchant Panel Fix merchant register page where a bold tag is not closed
0000198 Admin Panel If a product source is not setup, the map/import categories page should give error
0000167 Admin Panel Improve installation by checking required modules first
0000246 NEW Feature Separate define for CDN urls
0000161 Merchant Panel Merchant register does not have captcha
0000236 Frontend border attribute in img tag is obsolete
0000245 Frontend Google reCaptcha is not used in newsletter forms
0000218 Admin Panel Use REPLACE INFO instead of INSERT INTO in the profiling job to avoid DUPLICATE key errors
0000214 Frontend Fix main.js to have comments for all included js
0000224 Frontend Fix html5 validation issues
0000244 Frontend Stray start/end tag erros in html5 validator
0000243 Frontend Remove usage of align attribute from image tags
0000242 Frontend The itemprop attribute was specified, but the element is not a property of any item.
0000234 Frontend Language attribute in Script tag is obsolete
0000241 Frontend Duplicate ID for search form in modern2 template
0000240 Frontend Use of button element inside a/href elements gives html5 validation errors
0000239 Frontend role=”form” is obsolete
0000238 Frontend Remove usage of
tag from main places.
0000237 Frontend alt attribute missing in modern2 banner images
0000235 Frontend Empty action attribute in form tag gives html5 validation error.
0000225 Frontend Html5 validation for :
0000230 Frontend deleteFolder() must check if folder exists, before attempting to delete.
0000227 Frontend Load better product images from Amazon product source
0000226 Frontend Buttons alignment wrong in tablet size screen in modern2 theme
0000223 Frontend Apply html 5 doctype after making sure it does not effect design.
0000220 Frontend Login via Google not working
0000219 Frontend Deprecated warning for php7
0000215 Admin Panel Google reCaptcha does not work if ssl support is not enabled for php
0000216 Frontend Search gives query error due to P.STORE_COUNT in order clause
0000213 Admin Panel Admin language pages keyword search does not work in non-english
0000210 Frontend Missing image on the error pages
0000211 Admin Panel Admin is able to upload a non-image file as a n image
0000212 Frontend Logo image missing in RSS files
0000208 Admin Panel Unlink gives error when Image is missing
0000195 Admin Panel Filter import has a bug
0000193 Admin Panel Autofeed urls admin page shows js error due to unhandled single quote
0000190 Frontend Map does not show on https url
0000185 Admin Panel Search option in the admin panel
0000201 Admin Panel Due to broken links in category mapping, import throws sql errors
0000203 Admin Panel If products are too many, admin mange products hangs
0000206 Admin Panel Image is getting overwritten by feed import even though do not update image is set
0000209 Admin Panel Crawler does not extract manufacturer from target site
0000207 Admin Panel Disable system update due to custom work
0000202 Admin Panel Error when language is deleted in admin
0000199 Frontend Product features/specs do not show on mobile
0000192 Frontend Geo location map pop does not show merchant logo
0000197 Admin Panel Test run fails due to bug in filename identification
0000196 Admin Panel Query error in feed import about PRODUCT_IMAGE table not having column ID


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