Change Log version 9.14

Price Comparison Script Change Log

Version 9.14 (R#397)

version 9.14 was released on 1st January 2018. Following are theĀ features / bugs / fixes done in this version.


0000275 Frontend Url redirect issue with SSL and sub-domains
0000273 Admin Panel Session notice on product price profiling op when executed from ssh
0000272 Frontend With v9 urls, sort + paging gives sql error
0000271 Frontend Compare two products with checkbox does not work
0000270 Admin Panel NOTICE during profiling op job run
0000267 Admin Panel Sitemap creation job does not skip categories if HIDE_CATS_IF_PRODS_0 is set to 1
0000266 Frontend HIDE_CATS_IF_PRODS_0 does not work if categories are pre-loaded
0000268 Admin Panel Notice: Use of undefined constant IS_IN_SSH – assumed ‘IS_IN_SSH’
0000263 Frontend Affilinet api filters wont work
0000262 Frontend Fix alternate query if prepared statements are not allowed
0000261 Frontend Error reported when a bad image is called
0000260 Admin Panel Category mapping not loaded if search by price title
0000259 Frontend Mobile view does not show language/currency dropdowns
0000258 Frontend Load category css class name along with other info when loading categories for frontend display.
0000247 Frontend Remove old Captcha and use Google reCaptcha every where in the script
0000253 Admin Panel Add arabic language to script.


[16 features / issues / bugs]