Price Comparison Script FAQs

  • 01. General Questions

    • What are the requirements for the script?

      A server supporting

      • PHP5.6 or PHP7.1 - PHP7.3
      • MySQL
      • GD or ImageMagick (for thumbnail generation)
      • CURL (Optional Requirement - BUT HIGHLY recommended).
      • Mod Rewrite for Apache or Nginx (Optional Requirement).
        It is used for generating search engine friendly urls.
      • Zlib compression.
      • Ioncube loader.
        The public pages, templates and common includes are open source but admin panel is encrypted. It is to prevent illegal distribution of our software. You can still modify and add your own stuff.
    • What do I get with the script?

      You will receive
      - Script
      - Free installation on your server
      - 1 year of support and bug fixes (if found any)
      - 1 year of free upgrades
    • Do you help in the installation and setup?

      Yes we offer one time free installation on your server. Plus we do help our clients in the installation issues.
    • How do I receive the software?

      You will receive a download link in the email when your payment is verified by our authorized retailer payment processor
      The filesize is approximately 10MB
    • How can I evaluate the product?

      You will have access to the fully functional live demo on our servers.
      You can access the admin section, merchant section, visitor section and public section.
      You can test the product for as long as you like with no limitations.Please feel free to contact if you face any problems or have any queries.

    • Do you offer customisations to the script?

      Yes we do offer customisations services to the scripts at an extra cost. Extra charges depend upon the time and efforts required to perform those customisations.
    • It seems that your price comparison script is a place where shop-owners (merchants) have to register with you and import their products. You charge them monthly/yearly fee for their product and price listings and running comparison. I am interested in running Price Comparison AFFILIATE SITE where I will be importing datafeeds and getting commission on sales. Can you script serve this purpose?

      Our price comparison script can be used in both manners.

      • Running it as a service where you charge registered shop-owners (merchants) flat monthly/yearly fee for their listings (as well as you can also charge them per clickthroughs - this is all configurable in admin panel).
      • Running it as an affiliate site where you add shop-owners (merchants), upload their datafeeds and you get paid on each sale made at their website.
        You have every tool available in the admin panel to add shop-owners, upload their datafeeds and manage everything else. Just remove link to the merchant area on your homepage by editing footer.php file.
    • Can buyers make purchase on comparison website instead of being redirected?

      YES, if you integrate price comparison website with the shopping cart add-on (available separately). Then you can accept purchases & receive payments for orders directly. You can then pass order information to the merchant (online store) for fulfilment and pay them after deducting your commission.
  • 02. Clarification Questions

    • Can you please tell how much of the script is IONCUBE ENCODED? Can we easily change the design?

      You can easily change the design and other features of the script.All public pages, template files, common includes, merchant pages are open source.
      You can easily edit them. You can easily edit template files (provided you know HTML, CSS and web-designing). You can easily change other visual aspects. You can even easily add new fields to the products, merchants, categories, prices tables.
      There are many sites which clients edited themselves and are now very unique and great looking.

      Only admin panel and some include files are encrypted to implement licensing and avoid misuse.

      Anyone who claims that all files are encrypted has not actually received our script legally and is just making false claim.
      Our versions before 2006 where not even encrypted at all. We have seen a lot of misuse and distribution in recent years and had to take some preventive measures.

    • I have read that datafeed import process is very slow?

      The script can adapt itself to the hosting environment and the restrictions in effect.
      The default script comes with configuration to use low memory thus is slow on import.
      On a shared server the script import products one by one in a sequential manner which can make import slow. However script support faster methods but they wont work on shared environment due to the fact that shared server is highly restricted.On VPS/semi-dedicated machines where you have more privileges there you can enable multi-tasking import process which is at least 5 times faster than the conventional sequential manner.

      If config file is adjusted, it can import 300,000 products in just 4 minutes. I will paste the small clip of log below (test done with multi-tasking enabled on a dedicated P4, 1GB server):

      [2008-03-29 17:50:21] ---- Total Rows in file are 392040
      [2008-03-29 17:50:26] ------ Log of actions will be created here.
      [2008-03-29 17:54:51] ------ FEED file processed. Lines:392039, Success: 392036, Failure:3, NotFound:0, Msg: Datafeed file processed.

    • How can I get better speed on search results?

      The default script comes with very basic configuration so that it can work on any hosting environment.
      The default search can become slow once your system grows with number of products. However our script supports different search options to increase the speed. You can enable FULL TEXT search supported by MYSQL. If you are on VPS/dedicated machine and have sphinx installed then you can even enable sphinx search. Sphinx search is the ultimate in searching with accuracy and speed.I searched nokia on 24vergelijk and got 2,474 results in just 0.1 seconds. They have a inventory of 2,132,279 products and are running website on VPS.

    • Is price comparison script resource hungry?

      Price comparison script can work on low resources as well as may require high resources. It depends upon what you want to achieve. If you want to start a niche specific website with few thousand products then you dont need much resources and shared hosting will work for you. BUT if you want to run a price comparison website with few million products than obviously you need resources and a server for that.Your server should reflect the amount of items/offers you wish to display on your website and store in your database.

      Common sense rule:
      Even in day to day life, if you want to move horse from one city to another you wont try to put it in a 800cc saloon car. Instead you will need a vehicle suitable for that purpose. The same common sense applies here. You need a server with resources matching the number of products you plan to store.
      We get buyers who put 600,000 products on a tiny shared server and then curse us that the script is not working fast.

    • I read that you have never tested CJ (commission junction) feeds with the script?

      This is just another example of false marketing against us. I guess our competitors spend more time making false statments on forums then they work on improving their software.To answer the question, this script has been tested on CJ feeds. Not just tested, CJ feeds are used regularly by our clients to update their products and prices.

      We even have a separate section in autofeed addon where you can configure the CJ bundled zip file. CJ now give a single zip file of several merchant datafeeds zipped together.
      Further we also have CJ XML API utility where you can use CJ XML API to import products from your joined merchants (advertiser) of CJ affiliate network.

      One thing to note is that CJ bundled file is usually very large in filesize of over 500MB (sometimes over 1.5GB) in zip. Here the common sense rule applies as mentioned in previous answer. On shared server you are not even allowed to download a file of such size, even most of the time your FTP connection is restricted to 30 seconds.
      Further once a file is downloaded on shared server (on some US hosts clients are successful in downloading up to 1.3GB files) then you need to unzip it. By default our script uses php native code to unzip a zipped file but php cannot unzip a 500MB zip file (php maximum memory limitations on a default server is 128MB) and for 500MB file php need to execute shell command to unzip this large file. Again on shared hosting server you are not allowed to run shell commands so you cannot move ahead.

      Please plan your work, plan what is the file size from CJ and are you able to download and unzip it within default settings of your hosts or you need some custom privileges only available in VPS/dedicated machines.
      Feel free to contact us if you are in doubt. Tell us what you want to accomplish.

      Another false accusation put to rest.

    • When I am importing a data feed or running import process in Internet Explorer / Firefox. I cannot open my website in the other window of the same browser.

      When you are running a import process. Import process is sending so much data to the explorer window that it is using it to parse and display. At that time any other window to the main website won't work because your computer is busy in processing that data from the same site. You may think that the site is locked. But actually it is not. If you open the site from any other browser like Firefox or preferably from any other computer it will open fine and will do searches fine.
      So it is not that your website is locked. It is just that your computer is at that moment busy in doing the processing and rendering on one window that it ignores others for time being.You can even replicate this behaviour on other websites by opening a LARGE text file with lots of data from a test website. While that website is opening large text data, open any other link to that same website in another window/tag of internet explorer. It will appear to lock.

      This is a very common complain that clients make and then are satisfied when they try to open website in another browser or from another computer.

  • 03. Billing Questions

    • What are the accepted payment methods?

      Payments can be made by :
      - Credit/Debit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners)
      - Digital Check (US Bank Account Required)
      - Western Union
      - Bank Wire Transfer
  • 04. Merchant's Area

    • When a merchant registers and then try to login into the merchant area, he gets nothing but a page saying "Select a Package". He has no links to navigate to. Why is that?

      A merchant will get this message when he has no active package registered to him. When you register a merchant, his payment for the package must be verified (approved) by the administrator.
      In order to approve the payment for the package, please log into the administrator section and from the Navigation Menu on left goto Current Merchants. This will display the list of merchants registered on your system. Against your desired merchant click on the package payment icon (it is second $ icon from left).
      After clicking another page will open showing the list of payments made by that merchant. Please activate the payment made by that merchant by clicking on the red arrow icon. This will activate his package payment and now merchant can log into his area will all privileges.
  • 05. Admin's Area

    • Can you please help me about the product price crawler?

      You can get a detailed help on crawlers by going to this PDF file.
    • How can I import datafeeds?

      Please visit our step by step tutorial for help on importing datafeeds.
      You can also view a video here (Download Movie)
    • What are the example formats of merchant CSV, XML or Data feeds?

      XML, CSV, TAB or PIPEfeed format data import is very flexible and is not bound to any format. You can upload many various of formats. Please see following page to understand more about it.
      Sample XML format is at following link.
      It is just a sample format. You can also import other different format XML files. You can import variety of file formats by just specifying the XML tags that map to the product columns. This way correct data is imported into the system.
    • How to do column mapping or XML tag mapping during the import of datafeeds?

      Our script gives you flexibility to import datafeed of virtually any format. So there is no fixed format that is limited to be imported. For this reason, during import process you specify which column of CSV, TAB or PIPE delimited file matches with the Product name, which column matches the price and more. Similarly for the XML file you specify which XML TAG matches with the product name, which one matches with the product price.
      This is just a one time job for a feed. This process is called column matching.See video here for column mapping of CSV file (Download Movie)
      See video here for column mapping of XML file (Download Movie)

    • What is difference between Column Mapping and Category Mapping?

      Column Mapping
      During import process you specify which column of CSV, TAB or PIPE delimited file matches with the product name, which column matches the price and more. Similarly for the XML file you specify which XML TAG matches with the product name, which one matches with the product price.
      This matching process is called Column Mapping. It is a required step for import.Category Mapping
      Every merchant classify his products in different categories. Their category structure may or may not match your website categories.
      This can lead to a problem that merchant products may end up in the wrong category on your website. This problem is overcome by using the category mapping feature.
      You map the categories of merchant datafeed to your website categories. This ensures that the products end up in the correct category.
      This matching process is called Category Mapping. It is a optional step for import.

    • Is there a manual to assist in using Admin Section?

      Please go to following link for manual.
    • Your script supports search engine friendly urls. How can I enable them?

      Login into the admin panel of your script. Go to PARAMETERS > GENERAL PARAMETERS > MANAGE PREFERENCES of the menu.
      From there search for option Use Mode Re-write: and in that option select YES radio button.
      Click on the APPLY button to SAVE changes.Note: If you already had products in your database and you have enabled search engine friendly urls then you will get "404 error" error on your website. To overcome this either again add products OR use Rebuild Search engine friendly URLs in your admin toolkit section.