Reviews & Testimonials

Since 2001, Kaon Softwares have worked on several hundred projects successfully. Our clientele is widespread, ranging from companies & individuals who are not computer literate to those who are highly specialized IT professionals.

Below are some of the testimonials and reviews that our clients have about us.


Satisfied and happy!

We are satisfied and happy to have found KaonSoftwares. They give the very best support. I am truly amazed at how quickly they always respond to questions that we have. They seem to be waiting there just to answer our questions. Great customisation work also!
Thanks KaonSoftwares!


Excellent to work with!

Kaon softwares are excellent to work with, they are responsive and efficient and at the same time they saved us money and time getting KOKOPrice up and running within weeks We really appreciated the great service we get.


Comprehensive software and phenomenal support

Their software is comprehensive and fully featured and installed on my server in under an hour. Than i set up it with shopzilla xml api and imported some feeds and my website was working great. Their support has been phenomenal. I always got a reply within a day. I was even able to customize template and now you can see my website. It is a pleasure to work with them.


Highly satisfied!

A very warm hello to staff of Kaon Softwares from Lithuania. We have been using their software for over a year and are highly satisfied with it. Not just their software but also their support and upgrades and bug fixes. I highly recommended. Thanks again to Kaon Softwares team.


Thumbs up for Kaonsoftwares

I bought the Price Comparism Script From Kaonsoftwares. It is a very comprehensive script and it is one of few that is actually working. With this script you get a lot of features, and they are cool. The auto feed importer is so easy to use and support both csv and xml. I love it. Off course you still have to setup the feeds and map the categories, but that is only one time job for each feed. The best of all: it works perfectly.
As I mentioned threre are many features. You will get access to documentation to setup the script. It is very helpful. Off coursee some parts needs some explanation, but the support is fast and they are very understanding. I needed some help when I upgraded, but they sorted out everything within a few hours. I love the script and I am very pleased with the support. But remember you still have to learn how to use the script. You cant make money without puttings some effort in it.


Possibly the best out there

I have recently upgraded to version 7 and I can tell that it is a giant leap forward. The version 7 has all the social networking integration supported as well as it works on low resources better and faster. I highly recommend this script. Possibly the best out there.


Highly recommended

It was skeptical initially to buy their software, but once I purchased the software I easily realized it was the best investment I have made so far. The product is outclass plus is followed by great support by KaonSoftwares’ team. Highly recommended.


We love your software!

Just wanted to drop you a quick email and tell you how much we love your software. We had looked at quite a few shopping comparison scripts and none of them came close to have the features and ease of use that yours has. We implemented it on and your support team has been extremely helpful. Thanks again!


Very user friendly!

I just wanted to thank you for the support you have provided over the last few weeks. I had no experience with price comparison web site design prior to buying your software. After playing around with it for a few weeks, the functionality far exceeded what I expected. I am not a programmer, but your admin panel and tools made it very user friendly. Your support in making modifications to the script and website template was also greatly appreciated. I look forward to working with you on another web site very soon.


Simply amazing script

After some searches I decided to purchase price comparison script from Kaon Softwares. The script is simply amazing. Highly configurable with many many options. You think of something that it should have then you find out that is already there. Fully featured professional price comparison website can be easily launched using this script. The best thing is ease to import datafeed into the system and you can also automate the process so that they are automatically import on day to day basis. The script comes with superb support. The support is best as it can get. I would classify kaon’s support as one of the best I have come accross. They are very helpful and do small modifications without any problems. They have pulled up a simply amazing stuff.


Kaon Softwares has been excellent

I am a coder myself and had been working on my own solution for some time; however, the time invested to “re-invent the wheel” was just too much. We had done a lot of research out there on different software solutions and Kaon Softwares had offered the most comprehensive price comparison package on the market.
Although, seemingly a gamble at the time, it was certainly a play in our favor. This is an offshore solution that feels 100% like a local solution, The Kaon team, have been diligent on being available late hours to ensure that our site is up and running. The response has been timely, answering questions or concerns quickly. The installation of the software on my server was seemless, even on a shared server. I have since moved to a VPS (recommended for wide scale/non-niche sites) as our site is quite large and housing millions of products.
Is truly is a comprehensive solution.
Should you know something about php/html/java code? The truth of the matter is you don’t need to know any web programming especially if you don’t want to change the look of anything on the front end. Technically this price comparison script is turn key. If you do know some code, like myself, or have a coder working for you, Kaon has opened the way to completely control the look and feel of the front end and tap into the power of the modules Kaon created for seamless price comparison shopping. The latest version is fast, efficient and worth the investment.


Very pleased with the software and support

Hi have been using this script for well over a year now and I am very pleased with the software as well as the support that I get given. With the new version the script functions very well even if you are doing large imports in the background.


(Thanks for the good work.) A++

Kaon Softwares is bunch of very respectful & professional programmers who holds all the necessary skills to get the job done. Staff was also very eager to make changes, which lead “exactly” to the site we had envisioned. He made “extra” efforts to ensure that our site was made to our specs. So whatever your tasks are, you can have “FULL” trust in Salman & Kaon Softwares, for they are not only good programmers but they have fantastic customer service as well. (Thanks for the good work.) A++


Great Price Comparison Script, Impeccable service

I am very impressed with Salmen and Kaon Softwares. The software is an excellent value for the money; It lets you deploy a Price Comparison website quickly and cost effectively. Their service is great and fast. I would recommend them without hesitation.


Thanks Kaon Softwares

I am not a technical person. I dont know programming also. But I find this script very very easy to use. I dont have to do any programming or any tweeks in the script. I just used the admin panel from the browser and soon my comparison website was up and running. Thanks Kaon Softwares for making such a professional and easy to use price comparison script.


BIG compliments for Kaon Softwares

First of all i’d like to point out that the support of this company is very good. The script itselves is worth every penny. I wanted to set up a professional comparison website and tried various other scripts but succeeded in the end with this one, which is absolutly the best script around. It took some time to learn all features and capabilities and to create an unique website out of it, but it was worth my time and money. BIG compliments for Kaon, and also many thanks!


This software has work very very good

To start the review, I would like to say that I a very basic Beginner of the world of Internet… This software has work very very good… but appart from that… the service is not comparable with anything… The owner of the company, and all his stuff are always happy to help you… even thought beginners like me… that ask very stupid questions… The software is in the top top top… I would definitelly continue buying their softwares and upgrading the scripts.


Best buy

I have to say, I’m thoroughly enjoying this product. It is doing exactly what I need to get done. On top of that, the support from Kaon Softwares is exceptional.



The latest update the script is much much faster. As other people have said in previous comments, the service is second too none and I must agree, a poor staff must have been exhausted after staying up till 2.30 in the morning sorting out installation and my server problems. The script is truly fantastic and I wish it was around three years ago as it would have saved me a lot of work. BUY BUY BUY


Keep up the great work!

The script itself is very easy to modify and customize to your needs. The customer service is unmatched by anyone that I’ve worked with to date. You couldn’t ask for a better product / customer support for the price of the script. Keep up the great work!
Jeremy Ward


Fantastic script with beautiful clean code

It does exactly what it says it does and more. Fantastic script with beautiful clean code. If you could code it yourself you really wouldn’t need to. Why re-invent the wheel? So, it’s a great script. OK but then what? Well on top of a great script you get the best possible add on. Fantastic, fast and professional service. You really can’t go wrong. This company are great and their support is beyond excellent. I can’t recommend working with these folks more highly.


I am very impressed with Kaon Softwares

I am very impressed with Kaon Softwares. The software is excellent value for money, and very easy to customise and personalise. Their service is exceptional. They are always happy to answer my questions and do so very quickly. They know their products and I would recommend them without hesitation.


Excellent script

I was looking for a price compare script and came across this very comprehensive system. I have to say that I used them to install and modify to my requirements which they did so for a very reasonable price. Excellent script, excellent service and excellent end-result.
Andrew Skipper


Clear and precise, easy to customize

Although I modified the script a lot, they never stopped sending me helpful emails and advice. The customer service is top notch. The coding is clear and precise, easy to customise. This was a 2 month project for me, and if I ever need any scipt again I will only be going to them.